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Shine Bright; Do Right Bob Bouwer Complaining/Thankfulness 31:31
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Part 2 Courage to Walk by Faith J Paul Nyquist Doubt/Faith 26:18
Gracenomics. Mark, John, and Barnabas Tim Harlow Bitterness/Forgiveness 21:39
Gracenomics. Mary Magdalene Tim Harlow Bitterness/Forgiveness 24:42
Gracenomics. Peter-Epic Fail Tim Harlow Bitterness/Forgiveness 36:42
Opening a Closed Spirit - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Dr. Gary Smalley Hatred/Love 25:01
Crazy Respect and Love - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tim Harlow Hatred/Love 23:50
Beyond Ordinary - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Justin and Trisha Davis Hatred/Love 21:53
The Crazy Cycle - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tim Harlow Hatred/Love 21:14
Leaving the Old Life Behind Janet Parshall and Joe Dallas Sexual Immorality/Purity 51:32
Overcoming Discouragement David Jeremiah Freedom In Christ 48:01
Saturated with the Word Warren Wiersbe General 43:18
Separated from the World Warren Wiersbe General 37:32
Knowing Him James Ford Salvation 47:39
The Cost of Non-Discipleship David Platt Deception/Truth 47:06
5 Characteristics of Truth Erwin Lutzer Deception/Truth 35:01
Jesus: The Key to Spiritual Victory Tony Evans Laziness/Diligence 46:05
How to Have Peace of Mind James Mac Donald Anxiety/Peace 44:58